Week Ten-Twelve

Christmas has come and gone like a whisper in the night. Here, Koen is giving a wonderful performance in his premiere of 'The Elf"

Act II of 'The Elf" Koen has the part of the most adorable and likeable character, the Cherubim.

Just couldn't resist this picture. Over the holidays, life was busy with family and friends. It was amazing to have such a healthy, content little boy. He's been gaining 2 lb. a month. He continues to sleep through the night except once for feeding. He's pretty active through the day, so Kirsten has been tired. We try to tag team when I'm home after work, to give her a break. Kirsten has been dancing more and all of us have been able to get out more. It was great to have our parents come and meet Koen over the holidays. It was exciting for all of us.

This was taken when he was 3 months. We also realized that he has existed for 1 year. Can't believe it!?! On February 14th he was the size of my pinky fingernail with his heart beating about 192 beats per minute. And now, Kirsten can tickle him and he gives us roaring belly laughs that almost fill our hearts. (Almost, because we always want more.)

I'm still working on the audio portion of videos. But just imagine the giggles and vowels and consonants that explode from his mouth. The expression faces that explode with bursts of new sounds - trying to piece his world together so to connect with us.

Thank you for your patience with these photos getting published.