Week Eight

Wow! Three weeks have screamed by. I can't believe he's 2 months old already. He's developing so fast. We've been able to get out much more often and he loves to ride in the car.

He still manages to get much rest, which helps Kirsten get rest. He actually went 7.5 hours of sleep and Kirsten had to wake him. It's not consistant but it does feel better than the first month :)

He is doing much better with his head strength...the playtime on the floor has been a great help. He's able to hold his head up for at least 15 seconds before he gets tired.

We had a great Thanksgiving and have many reasons to be thankful. We are blessed in so many ways. Sorry no pictures of the meal, just imagine Martha Stewart gone grunge.

We took Koen out to cut down our Christmas tree. It rained pretty hard but we managed to get it. The halls are decked and the lights are a-glow. Both of us love this time of year.

We wish you happy holidays.